Saturday, August 14, 2010

Morning thoughts

Crystal City - All Hail the Lightning SunImage by Mo Kaiwen 莫楷文 via Flickr

Staring at broad daylight
Wishing it was night
Falling with the stars in the sky
White as lightning, dark as night,
I stand at the edge of the horizon
When vision fades out of sight
All you can see is the sun, the moon
And the stars watching over your head
While I watch over their lights
Everything melts into serenity
Life stares at you and death smiles;
Love sits by your side
And talks you through the night
So in the morning when I wake
And see the fading sky light
I wonder if this was just a dream
Am I feeling all right?
And yet somehow everything seems fine
Till the time I have you in my sight. 

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