Wednesday, August 04, 2010

To say or not to say

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Every time I look at you
There is something new
Is it the hair, the clothes?
Or is it just you?
Sitting there in a crowded bus,
Swishing the hair from your face
As you read that stupid novel
Something from James Hadley Chase.
I stand there watching;
Watching you read and smile,
While the raindrops splash on the window
And the bus crosses another mile.
The way you look at me
When you catch me staring
I wish I said what I felt
I wish I was a bit more daring.
I don’t know if you ever realized
What I felt and didn’t say
I wonder if you looked into my eyes
And knew it on the first day,
That I might never forget you
I wonder if you ever knew.
Would it make a difference?
Would you really care?
Wish I knew the answers
I really wish, I do. 
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Usha.K.Narayan said...

Oh, the importance of being earnest:) Very sincere and sweet.

Aaks said...

simply beauitiful