Thursday, September 30, 2010

Leaving Memories..

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I’ll remember you
When someone talks too loud,
When one person speaks enough for a crowd,
When people enter the room like a storm,
When insanity becomes the norm,
When I hear the hauntingly annoying tune of a song,
When meaningless conversations run for too long,
When I hear another one of those weird sneezes,
That make me sit up and go ‘Jesus’!
I’ll remember you;

I’ll remember you
For all the silly stupid, nonsensical things that you do,
Because you truly were off your jack,
You were the crackhead who was not on crack,
But that is what made you so cool,
Although you behave like a fool,
I’ll remember you;

And this is exactly why,
Although I may fail
I promise to try,
And remember you.
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