Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I am a million thoughts
Bound by unborn expressions
Woven without a seam.
The undignified youth 
With a corrupted dream;
 Uncouth, vague, undefined;
Volatile, dull, unrefined.
The last of the best
The best of the worst,
The blessed sinner, the gentleman accursed

I am
Empty thoughts traveling on rattling trains
Getting up and down at crowded stations;
Whatever is, will be and has been
the sight beyond, the unseen.

I am
The surprising birth, the unexplained death
The beating heart, the fatigued breath.
Love lost, found and lost again
The broken heart stitched together in pain.

I am
The answer to a million mysteries
Never found never looked for
The questions raised by years of history,
Plague, sickness and war

I am
A million people speaking together at once
Gathering at crowded malls and marathon runs
I was and always will be
I am and forever will be.

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