Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lovers and gentlemen

happy valentine's dayImage by mugley via Flickr
Ladies, Lovers and gentlemen, 
Lend me your ears, 
I come not to praise love 
But to bury it; 
The damages that relationships cause
Live long after the heartbreak
And the good they do
is oft buried under the heartache, 
And under leave of you do i come
To have my say on this valentine's day.
Mine is a love that has been hurt
Undeservedly thrown down and burned, 
It is the love of the killer mantis
But you tell me love is gentle 
And you are all romantics; 
Whenever has a heart loved
Has it suffered,
Every lover has a pain to hide
A hidden history to abide
 love should be made of gentler stuff,
But you tell me love is gentle,
And you are all romantics.
No i do not speak to disprove
or aginst you wisdom show,
i only say what i know
I have lived, loved and suffered
For a broken heart do i have to offer,
Yet if you promise me heaven for my hell
Then pray tell,
where such a love dwells?

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