Friday, April 22, 2011

Come let us talk..

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Come let us talk, 
In evenings spread above
Crowded railway stations
And impatient waiting people.
Let us talk,
About lost friends
Slowly vanishing in the crowds, 
Connected online disconnected in reality, 
Waiting for a blinking phone. 
Come sit by me, 
Come sit down
At the edge of the hallowed ground, 
Now old and weary and tired, 
Like us, and talk about old memories. 
I have been meaning to call you;
But never quite did. 
Don't think i have forgotten you,
When days were tiring and long, 
When nothing made any sense,
When i was bored to death,
And yet, death seemed better, 
than the life i lead;
When i was tired to the bone, 
I'd remember your voice, 
Your annoying jokes and weird noise, 
Your face felt familiar than my own,
But lets not waste time reminiscing, 
Come let us talk
Over a cup of coffee,
Or the classic milds
This one's on me, friend!
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Anonymous said...

Hmmm this is you my friend ? huh!