Monday, January 23, 2012


I walk down streets empty of voices
Where thoughts fear being trampled upon
The day slips quietly past noisy traffic
Into shady side lanes where inspiration dies
And I walk past them all
Past them towards the sun
Burning red, orange bright
Burning like my own soul’s light
Shining over a dipping horizon
Warning about the coming morn
I shall walk into that dawn tomorrow
Light up the darkness with my words
When souls shall die and voices with them
These shall light up the world
Each word a sentence
Each sentence a soul
Each soul transforming
Out of nothing
Into the whole
Into that silent dawn shall I wake
Where nothing remains and everything paused
I shall be and shall create
The word that starts it all
I am the fire
I am the fear
I am the word
I am GOD.

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Unknown said...

Do you still write such blogs...long time