Be True...Re-View: A Thousand Unspoken Thoughts

Prerna Khatri's new collection of poems 'Thousand Unspoken Thoughts' makes for an interesting read. If one would go by Wordsworth's principle that all poetry is a spontaneous expression of powerful emotions, Prerna seems to be on the right track. A lawyer by profession, she has managed to bring out an eclectic mix of emotions, from pathos to layered anger through her poems.

As a reader new to the task of reviewing, I am as much of a novice at explaining poetry as any other reader. What I can speak of is my experience on reading it. 'A Thousand Unspoken Thoughts' comes across as honest, direct and fresh. It contains imagery that is at once simple and familiar. The poems cover a wide range of topics from love, loss, life, and reflections. Through her poems, Prerna has managed to bring out the right combination of words that come closest to expressing the original emotions. For instance, In 'Tonight, I'll Write', she says

'Well, Tonight I'll write,
But for myself.
And tonight I'll write with no qualms,
No rehearsed dialogue; no hidden moral.
For tonight, I'll write from my heart.'

We recognize the poet's need to be true to her own self. Yet, it does not always come across. Her intentions might be true, but her desire to express them in an ornate manner often gets in the way. It is a problem she understands herself. 'In Conversation With The Devil' she says

'He seemed slightly dissatisfied.
He asked me do you still want to continue this.
Or should I just proceed with my assigned task.'

The only flaw I could see in the collection is a lack of diversity. There are no poems that stand out for their deep philosophical insight. Some like 'Open Thy Heart' and 'Embracing the Battlefront' feel forced. Then, there But then, a poet expresses what she/he finds interesting.

'Thousand UnspokenThoughts' is a wonderful collection by a new poet. Her range of topics and the spirited venture to express the right emotions in the right words make it an interesting read.  

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